About Me


The world around us is a beautiful thing. I believe it is my job to capture the love, the emotions, the lives of people living in it. Photography has always been a passion of mine since I was a child. As a mother, I know the importance of capturing the moments while we are in them. Watching your children grow, capturing the still in time, and cherishing it forever.

Growing up, my mother used to always say, "We're makin' memories, Amber. Makin' memories." - I loved this. I love knowing that a memory doesn't need to be picture perfect, but it is always nice being able to have a perfect picture to freeze that moment and be able to look back on it for years to come. My love in life is being able to help people create beautiful works of art from their own lives and have them to hold and pass down.

AEP offers custom portrait, lifestyle, and candid photography for everyone. You will not ever be rushed through a session - your images will be individually retouched and edited. Every session is customized to my client's taste and request. In return, you are given timeless photographs to treasure forever.